25 Years Old!





Good Evening!!!!


Sorry for posting so late!


TekaTekaTekaaー gleaming.


It’s been awhile since I updated huh!★




turned 25〜\(^o^)/


From 7/12 to the moment I turned 25 on my birthday on 7/13,
I did a countdown, and spent it with all the fans



It was the greatest of delights!


These three pictures are, from that time!!♪



After the countdown finished


The two days 7/13.7/14, well!
Sayumi, in her hometown of Yamaguchi prefecture, did her birthday bus tour(●´ー`●)



It was so good!


It was so much fun ヾ(▽≦*)…ヾ(*≧▽)ノ


It was fun for Sayumi so,
it was fun for everyone too right?! lol



Just reminiscing about it makes me feel like smilingーヾ(o´▽`)ノ



Everyone, thank you yah!



It became the best 25th birthday bus tour!



25 year old Sayumi is


『Not having regrets』!



That’s her goal!


preparing for my graduation too, I want to enjoy each and everything so I don’t have any regrets,
Without compromise, I want to do these myself,


Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi, will get through all the things around that she wants to do!


That is my goal


25 year old Sayumi too, everyone please treat me well kay〜?


2014/7/16 01:10 (GREE)

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