[Potential Project Teaser] A page from Sayu

Some of you may know that Sayu, Sayumi’s personal book has been released. While I’m still waiting for mine to come I thought maybe I’d tease people a bit. If this doesn’t get views then I’ll reconsider doing it at all.

I present a tease from page 14 of Sayu.

What you might know and what you surprisingly don’t know about Sayu. To bring it out, we first start with a super base analysis! The components that form Sayu, the secrets of her body……let’s find out about them all.

1.(In her head) 100% Morning Musume。 Only! Since basically my life exists for Morning Musume。 I do things thinking that.
I’m thinking 100% about group things.

2.(Eyes) Both her eye’s strength is 1.0. When she was in elementary school it was 2.0 though……

3.(Eyelashes) A Charm Point♥ I always want them to be perfect.

4.(Beauty Mark) I have many on my body but, this beauty mark stands out most.

5.(Ears) I have plump lucky ears like my grandpa.

6.(Mouth) My mouth makes a heart shape when I laugh♥ But I end up grumbling soon after (lol).

7.(Heart)I get jealous fast!

8.(Arms) I don’t really have muscles. Since I dance a lot, it’d be nice if I got at least a little though……

9.(Hands) My hand is 16cm in size. The “Simian Line” in my left hand is something I’d boast about.

10.(Stomach) When I’m nervous, it hurts.

(To Be Continued)
Note: The quality of the translation is not easy to validate because of the readability of the source image!

So that’s your teaser! Partially cause I can’t read the kanji at the size of the scans!! So until I get my copy, you have time to let me know if you want to see this or not =P. I’ll try to keep track of page views too.

2 thoughts on “[Potential Project Teaser] A page from Sayu

  1. Oh please please please please pretty please do continue ! I want to know everything about Sayu !
    And as always, thank you for all the time you take to bring us fools these fines translations ! I know I’ll be much less happier without the peace of mind you get me giving sense to the mysterious signs I can view on Sayu’s blog every day.

  2. Any and all translations are welcome and appreciated! :)

    Two thoughts:
    1. Sayu is the ultimate Momusu fangirl to the point she didn’t even know any other producers other than Tsunku, and even admitted to not knowing who Tom Cruise was! :lol:

    8. It’s been said about Fuku-chan…. but I think Sayu has the ultimate Marshmallow Body! :)

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