Letter From Michishige-Mama

So I wanted to try a bit of an experiment here, so I’m providing an image for the translation of the Michishige-Mama to Sayu Letter. It’s partially to see what you people think of pictures on translations, but also cause it kinda matches with how we first got to see the letter, as a picture someone uploaded onto the internet.

At the same time, I feel irresponsible if I didn’t leave some kind of translation note on it in case I did something horrible to the translations themselves. So this image includes a little translation note at the top and tagging.

Let me know what you think about it, as I’m still trying to figure out how best to approach if I can do the Sayu book in some way too.

Please click the link for full size ^^;


4 thoughts on “Letter From Michishige-Mama

  1. Thanks for the translation as always!!
    Thinking about it, I quite like the idea of having it on the image. Not only does it give it a bit of an artistic twist, but it’s actually easier to save for future reference as opposed to saving as text.
    Thumbs up! :)

  2. Having the translation on the image is a nice idea, it looks good. With this size of font though, I had to do some zooming first. It’s not as easy to read as plain text.

    Did I understand you correctly, are you going to translate Sayu’s Personal Book as well? If so, that’s great, I will be looking forward to it! :)

    Thank you so much for all the translations.

  3. Glad you guys like it,
    @usagi, while it’s easier to save, it’s harder to quote, to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes I actually retranscribed the original from that image first ^^; other wise I coulda copy&pasted =P

    @MTSayuRin I set it to size 12, which I often hear is a good default text size, though I do force you to click to see the full image, I’ll consider that for next time.

    As for the Sayu book it does depend on how heavy a task that may end up being when I get it.

    Also thank you MTSayuRin for linking my stuff kinda cool seeing more people dropping in, even if it’s only temporary

  4. Thanks a lot, Invis!^^

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