Close Friend

2014-07-21 08:56:32




I went to see my precious and beloved close friend, Yocchi’s play‼︎




It was fantasticcc.


This time the script was from the play Zettai Kareshi。’s directorEmoji Shintarou-san and,


in it there were lots of laughs, things that make your heart run hot, and scenes that can be warm and fluffy…EmojiEmoji


It was a time that went by in a flashEmoji


In all that, Yocchi is the same as ever, with wonderful spice, the scenes GuiGui tug on you, I was moved (*^^*)



It gave me good motivation so, I have to do my best on the play too‼︎ ‼︎



That’s what I thought!!




Yocchi, A Job Well DoneEmojiEmoji





Well, it’s time to say “See you later~” to my light hairEmojiEmoji



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