2014-07-26 20:49:35


Good Evening!!!!



Today was.


Hello!Pro Concerts in Osakaドキドキドキドキキラキラ



For the Hello!Pro Concert, there’s 2 patterns.


『KOREZO』 Performances♪




『YAPPARI』 Performances♪


these twoベル



Today was the first day of the 『YAPPARI』 Performances 。+゜(*´∀`*)゜+。。*゜゜






I ended up being nervous[みんな:01][みんな:02][みんな:03]



But, it was realllーーy funベルキラキラ


Very uplifting you know[みんな:06][みんな:07]



I had sweat quite a bit tooニコニコ



Everyone, thank you so much♪♪♪ドキドキ




And, today I took pictures with Ikuta[みんな:04]



And, speaking of things that happened todayーー♪



The catering’s


The manila clam pasta was really yummy


it felt like, “Yayー*\(^o^)/*”


it made me happyーラブラブラブラブラブラブ






I’ll keep my best tomorrow tooドキドキ


Let’s make it fun concerts kayyyラブラブ!ひらめき電球





Ah… right now…



They’re doing the 27hour TV huh?音譜




The other day on Yantan, Sanma-san had talked about Lovemate 10!



I want to see Sanma-san’s Lovemate 10 you know[みんな:05]




But of course I don’t think I can stay up till the end so,


I asked my mom to record it tooチョキ



Well then, laterrrーーー音譜音譜音譜



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