SayuBook – Q&A 4 of 6

Translation Notes: Remember that this was taken before her birthday, so somethings like 76 are already not valid.

69’s light pink refers to her theme color too.

Other than that I think it’s straight forward.

A member of Hello!Online seems to be doing some of the parts regarding Sayu’s fashion and make up and whatever, so I’m probably not gonna touch that out of respect for their work. The other major thing is the long biography like writing portion and letters from people above her. So I don’t know what will happen next.

As always though, I think the best way to enjoy any of this is to have your own copy of “Sayu” to read along with ^^;


Click the image for the full picture.

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  1. Ahh, I remember Sayu being asked before what she’d do if she were a guy and mentioned checking herself out too!
    And it looks like Sayu’s a fan of Ashida-PRO too! :)

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