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Gathered Translated Pages
[Last updated: 16/04/12]

With Mayuppe working so hard on more Sayu book pages, I hate to see such great work pushed for blog posts. So what I’m gonna do is gather the links for all the Sayu book pages (both what I’ve done and what Mayuppe’s done) and will have them sticked here for quick reference! As more is added I’ll try to make the effort to add to the list!

Sayu’s Anatomy
Profile Page
Q&A 1 of 6
Q&A 2 of 6
Q&A 3 of 6
Q&A 4 of 6
Q&A 5 of 6
Q&A 6 of 6
Fashion Coordinate 1 of 4
Fashion Coordinate 2 of 4
Fashion Coordinate 3 of 4
Fashion Coordinate 4 of 4
Make Up 1 of 4
Make Up 2 of 4
Make Up 3 of 4
Make Up 4 of 4
Hair Arrangement 1 of 3
(APRIL2016)!!NEW!! Hair Arrangement 2 of 3!!

In addition These entries will now have their own category (though they will still be considered features and side translations). This is just to allow people a way to find them all if I forget to update this!

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