SayuBook – Q&A 5 of 6

Translator’s Notes: Part 5! Some of the best questions come from here. But there are some cultural notes for people too

81. The golden axe, silver axe question is one of those personality test style modifications to an old story about a fairy in a pond/lake and an axe into it. You can see the cultural influence in games like Zelda and .Hack if it sounds familiar to you.

86. I had nothing to do with this, but I appreciate the answer =P

91. If you don’t know what a NEET is, bascially it’s a term for someone who doesn’t do anything with their life =P. I added what the letters typically stand for in the case that people were curious

93. She just says weird/unusual/strange places, I have no idea what she exactly means!

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  1. I can totally see Sayu as a NEET… net patrolling all day long as a 2ch regular! xD

    And the color invisible!?
    I thought they retired that color after Yumichon graduated! :P

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