SayuBook – Q&A 6 of 6

Translation Notes: It’s the last one T_T

I’m honestly a little sad, I love this section. and to reach the end as quick as I did was sad but at the same time so satisfying. Sure I knew some of the 100 but certainly not all of them!

And Sayu really does make you feel like she believes in you believing in her you know? lol

Well this last section had space left over, but I didn’t want to go into another section cause I hear there’s another person who wants too do some of the fashion stuff…and the long passage is something I’m not totally up for yet (I kinda burned out for a bit to be honest).

In the end, I did the back of the obi that comes with the book. If you got a copy I tried to copy the authentic style of the back of the obi as best I could.

Then just one more pull to ask everyone who hasn’t but has been reading these to buy “Sayu” for your collection. And with the translations I’ve got so far you know 8 pages worth of content! (which actually came out to 8 pages in the actual book! how about that!)

Anyway, comments are welcome as always, I am grateful to have seen so many visitors to the pages for these, and I do hope I can find a way to do more without spoiling purchasing “Sayu” yourself.

Click the image for the full picture.

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  1. Aw. Thank you for all your effort on translating Sayu’s awesome stuff. I enjoyed it. I learned a lot about her haha

  2. Thank you! Seriously thank you for these translations!

    I’ve got the book so I know how AWESOME it is and I hope that after reading these translations more people will be persuaded to buy Sayu’s book for themselves!

  3. We’re very grateful. I hope she’ll do another book next year and another 100 Q&A or more(lol). I had fun reading every part! Thank you so much for the translation!

  4. Thank you so much for all the translations! As a huge Sayu fan who can’t read Japanese well, I’m very grateful. Such interesting and lovely answers from Sayu. :)

  5. Thanks for the translations until now. :D
    I got the book but I can’t read Japanese. LOL.
    Super thanks for the effort! :3

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