SayuBook – Fashion Coordinate 4 of 4

Here’s the last from the fashion coordinate category, time sure does fly by doesn’t it ?
I am still wondering whether I should do translations for SayuBook’s “7 item…7 days”, so if there are a lot who are interested please do let me know and I will consider doing it.

But after this, I will be moving on and will be doing Sayu’s hair & make-up section, so it’s not the last yet !

Sayu will be introducing to us her party dresses she has for special occasions and her shoes collection ! The brands of where the clothes and items come from are noted on the page, so do look out for it ~ (page 33)

⁂Please do not re-edit the pictures that I have posted. Also for maximum enjoyment, please do purchase the book ! I am mainly doing these translations for people who do not understand japanese and are curious of its contents ^^

Click on the image below to enlarge it ^^


Comments & feedbacks are much appreciated. Thank you for reading up till here(´∀`)♡

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this! I don’t know how the other readers see it, but I would very much be interested in reading the “7 item…7 days” section of the book, but only if it’s not too much trouble, of course :).

  2. i believe she’ll accept any gift from anyone as long as they’re these elegant, i’m look forward on giving her in the future^^ thank you so much xxmayuppe

  3. I’m highly interested in all of the things from the book to be translated! I print all of these and put them between my original book’s pages on the right places :3

  4. Thanks for the fashion translations! :D
    I already got the book but I can’t read Japanese. T_T
    Super thanks for translating.
    Would love to see the entire book being translated. X3

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  6. Thank you so much for these! I love my copy, but I can’t read half of the kanji haha
    I tried out the daily makeup tutorial using your translations, and it turned out surprisingly good!
    Just to let you know, スニーカー is “Sneakers” in English! I’m assuming she’s talking about those sneakers with the hidden heel

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