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Translator’s Notes: So this page made me not like the idea of making pictures ><; Initially (and you can see that in the Sayu's Anatomy Page) I wanted to make the pages similar to what you'd find in "Sayu" itself, it's the same page ratio as the book, and with a similar style. Mostly cause I don't have the exact typefaces and patience, it's modified slightly (also saves me from feeling like I'm cheating you out of seeing Sayu for yourself ^^;). But after seeing the comment on the the Michishige-Mama's letter about readability I also needed to make sure the font was big enough. The result, this page is way longer than it should be to fit all the text in. But besides the Nantonaku marks, the style is similar to the source page. Make sure you get your copy of "Sayu" and follow along! Enjoy~ SayuBook-Profile

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  1. GAH!! Now I want to see Sayu’s imitations!
    Well maybe post Momusu she can break those out on variety show! :)

    Thanks as always for the translations!!

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