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So I’m still new at how the Internet really works in terms of spreading news and all the goodness, and so there’s this problem where I don’t know how to get out there without feeling like I’m shoving things down people’s throats. THat’s why while I have a twitter I don’t want to post EVERYTIME I update a blog translations, it seems overbearing.

But that said, I want to be able to support other people and keep the happiness going. That said I’ve decided to copy another technique from H!P/Ameblo and made a mini-banner section. As time goes on and I can get to know more people or they can talk to me I’ll be seeing if perhaps they will let me support them in this way.

The first on the list! Jicchan.com
Turbos86 has been an amazing part of the Wota community and his efforts in trying to keep people informed and prepared are choice! His guides are great for people up and coming who want to embrace Wota culture in it’s fullest and I recommend his work (and follow it) thoroughly!

you can go ahead and click the link on the right side anytime you like to check his site out!

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