SayuBook – Q&A 3 of 6

Translation Notes: Half way done!

So this one is pretty straight forward, though a couple of questions really kinda got picky on sticking to the form or not.

42, she basically says do your best and sweating, so I had to fandangle the wording a bit

44, I don’t know if “elementary school anthology” means like an annual or a yearbook or something, so I kept that literal.

50, I kept the words for terms you can look up there, if you have some JPN culture knowledge you should be okay, if not senbei is rice crackers, and kotatsu is a mini heated table. I sometimes have issues not knowing what people don’t know, because the JPN culture here is kinda integrated so certain words are naturally known.

yup those were kind of issues.

Please click for full image.

PS! I noticed someone hot-linking the images, and I had to put a stop to that. Please link back here (and give appropriate credit) if possible! More attention here means I know people are reading and more motivation to do more things!


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