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2014-08-02 22:41:57


Today was,


Hello!Pro Concerts at Nakano Sun Plaza[みんな:01]



At the afternoon performance, Berryz Koubou
announced that next spring they will be going on indefinite active duty hiatus.



When Sayumi first heard it too,
she was very surprised.



For me,
since Berryz Koubou debuted as elementary school students, and we worked together as Hello!Pro,



I thought everyone is really cute huhドキドキ and yet
lately, they really have this mature appeal to them too,
When all 7 of Berryz Koubou are together their intensity is really coolビックリマーク It’s something I think no other group could imitate eitherアップ



There’s lots of songs I like among Berryz Koubou’s
I listen to them a lot so, there’s honestly a sad feeling to it too…



At the night performance,


watching Berryz Koubou sing,


『Futsuu、 Aidoru 10nen Yatterannai Deshou!?』
[tl: Usually, Idols don’t do things for 10 years right!?]


There was all kinds of emotions, totally for each of them, fun things and harsh things, but these 10 years everyone had really done their best huh… that’s how I felt.


The 7 of them they were really shiningキラキラキラキラ



Until their active duty hiatus next spring,
I wonder what kind of Berryz Koubou we’ll see?
I’m really looking forward to it!!!!音譜



Tomorrow is Nakano concerts too[みんな:02]
I’ll do my best![みんな:03][みんな:04][みんな:05][みんな:06]





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