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2015-01-21 17:34:46
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Good EveninyaーEmojiEmoji



Today, I had lunch with my friend from high schoolドキドキドキドキドキドキ



We were in the same class for our 1st year of high school, all the girls in that 1st year high school class became good friends, we were always together音譜



When we gone up in grade our class changed but we spent our break times togetherビックリマーク



More than that, when the classes changed with everyone, some people were in the same class but


Just I alone was separated from everyone


For me, who is shy, whenever it became break time I went to the place where the girls from my original class wereえっ




Thinking about it now, that’s the thing I was no good at.



It’s fine after school and what not but, even during breaks, going to whereever my good friends were, I didn’t really open myself up to the girls in my classビックリマーク


When I was in my 2nd year of high school I joined Morning Musume。 but, when I changed schools, everyone in class collectively wrote me colored letters~しょぼん



These colored letters, with words from everyone in class written on them, even words from the girls I never talked to,



getting those letters, for the first time,



Ah, I there are girls like these I never talked to huh,


I realized itあせる



And, even though we never talked, despite that the kindness they write in these messages to me, apologies and thanks, it became complex feelingsしょぼんDASH!DASH!




And yet in my new class girls were nice, there were girls I stayed together with tooしょぼんラブラブ


Once again I’m blessed by the people around me huhビックリマーク








I strayed off topic but,


the one I met today, it’s been a reallーーーーーy long time since I’ve met with themビックリマーク



Around 3 years!!








Even though we haven’t met for so long, strangely I wasn’t nervous or anything


We talked just like we were together yesterday tooニコニコ



It was kinda like I had gone back to my student times音譜




But, it felt like we hadn’t met just the two of us (lol)



Of course time passes, with just the two of us, even in unfamiliar circumstances we can still have fun you knowドキドキ





And, I got sent lots of nostalgic pictures from my friendsビックリマーク







This picture was taken at the 1st year culture festivalニコニコ


The class’s performance was on temple festival so, all the girls wore yukata音譜


I borrowed Mama’s yukataニコニコアップ





For the 2nd year too, our performance was on temple festival! lol


Everyone, what performance did you do for culture festival?はてなマークはてなマーク






It’s spring soon, and with that all the current students are going to be changing classes too huhニコニコ


Don’t make the same mistake as me (lol)
Let’s go postivelyーにひひチョキチョキ





And, I currently am positive, for sure that’s thanks to all the fansニコニコ


At handshake events, with those who I could only meet at that time or that time, getting to talk with you all a lot, I’m always thinking that




Ichigo Ichie [tl note: 4char idiom: once in a life time]




To not have regrets like the old me, let’s go seize our chanceにひひビックリマーク








For my junior’s shyness too, do your best to get rid of it soon! lol




Fashion Coordinate App


Tomorrow I’ll panyanyan tooEmojiEmoji


You panyanyan tooーEmoji







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