The answer ♪

And the answer is— ♪♪


The one in the 2nd pic with the bunny on it V(^-^)V☆


Or so you would think~!


The actual correct answer is the one to the left of that one
with the strawberry on it ↑♪↑☆


For those of you who were like “For sure Sayu is gonna pick this one”
for the one with the bunny,
when you’re in the mood to eat strawberries, you can’t fight that~


Rather than going with my character, I went with my stomach (lol)


It was soooo good ~(⌒~⌒)


And now as to why we had these cakes in the dressing room this morning…


Well today, Feburary 11th, is Morning Musume’s
Chinese exchange student Junjun’s birthday ♪♪♪


I took a 2shot with her (^_^)v


Junjun turned 22 ☆
Congrats, Junjun (^O^)


For presents, I gave her slippers (as seen in the photo)
and a giant heart cushion ♪


She said they were cute


I’m so happy (≧∇≦)


Junjun, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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