Instant energy ☆

Today all of Morning Musume is at the Ryōgoku Kokugi-kan
for the NHK Fukushi Oozumo program*
* an annual national charity event


It’s almost show time ↑


I’ve been lacking on sleep a little more than usual
So I’m replenishing my energy with this drink (・o・)ノ


One of my favorite drinks “Instant energy”


It helps me out at least once a month ♪


And it really is instant!!


Alllllright ♪
Off I go with energy ♪(≧∇≦)♪


There will be plenty of guests, so it’ll be fun~


I wonder if there’ll be any of our fans though ♪
I’m so excited ~θ(^0^ )


Today’s sumo program will air on February 21st ♪


Also today!
February 11, the Secret Citizens SHOW
airing at 9pm ♪
I will be on representing the people of Yamaguchi
Be sure to watch k! (b^ー°)

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  1. For some reason, when viewing these under the “Sayu’s Blog” category (i.e., I cannot see the images that are associated with each blog entry. I am able to see them perfectly fine when viewing them through the blog’s main page (i.e., but yeah, when attempting to view it through the “category” page the images do not show up. The same thing goes for the translation entries of Aika’s Blog (images can be seen from the main page, but they cannot be seen via the “category” page). Not sure it this was an intentional decision regarding the design of the blog. Just figured someone might want to know about it in case it was not intended to be set up this way.

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