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2015-09-07 20:15:26
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Every day is rehearsals so, I ended up not having material to write on the blog 笑い泣きlol



Maybe I won’t be able to get good material from anywhere…






Today, I drank that new Starbuck’s kuri Japanese chestnuts thingOK


It’s really yummy, I could get into itキラキラ


I want drink it at the pace of about 3 a week照れ照れ照れ


3 a week, I’ve said too much



I want to drink it 3 a week but, Starbucks for me is a luxurious drink so



I feekl like I could drink anything else and save口笛







I noticed that recently the blog emoji have changed??



Updating, the new emoji have increased so, I’m making use of them 星



They are amazingly pop huh!















Today for dinner I had a Chinese food bentoウインク



I ate a mabo eggplant bowlくちびる











Writing this kind of stuff, I don’t have material huhニヤリ lol







While thinking that…!!



In front of my eyes, the youthful group started playingハート











In front of my eyes Alps 10,000shaku 音符 and


Otera no Oshou-san音符 and the like


they were playing



Sheesh, is it a generation gap, they were playing things I didn’t know at all照れ




In the end, they were playing, gesturing like they were making tea.



Eh, what kind of play is this?? lol






At that time, when speaking of 12ki’s older group…











Having faces of no concern, occasionally Maria-chan and Haga-chan’s conversation would be funny and they’d be grinning NiyaNiya (lol)




I feel like rehearsals are hard but, being like this between breaks can be fun so, it’s fantastic huh照れ




12ki members, makign me feel warm and fluffly thanks very much爆笑




Fashion Coordinate App









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