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2015-09-07 22:59:31
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn


Does September usually have this kind of raining?
Almost every day is continuing rain huhEmoji


Another typhoon is coming huhEmoji
The elementary school kids have to bring in their summer vacation work and like morning glories so~ for it to have continous rain during the new school year is unfortunateー huh!


stuff like that… it’s nostalgic~ I was thinking about it earlier‼︎Emoji



Today I went and did rehearsals again♪
When it’s rehearsals, there’s lesson wear, lesson shoes, towels and such, our bags get fuーll


Kanon-chan and I are matchies~




In such a big way back~~~!!!




Nonaka-chan and I are matching~ishEmoji




Lesson wear~EmojiEmoji


Our lesson wear this time
deep pink pants and ivory Tshirt
unbelivably ene our show color are the same!


It was by chacne we both did it so it’s really amazing~EmojiEmoji


With Nonaka-chan, occasionaーlly it’s when we wear our casual clothes too huhーEmoji



Aa~today I’m sleeーーpyEmojiEmoji
_(×ω×_)⌒)_ ←Like this now‼︎Emoji




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