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2015-11-20 23:17:13
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Tokyo today was cold~Emoji


Is it going to rain?…is it not?…
Which is itー!! That’s how the weather feelsEmoji


Already I’ve been seeing people with mufflers here and there you know.


Every year the period with muffler wearing is WakuWaku exciting~EmojiEmoji



From before, when Mizuki did The Girls Live coordinate




Actually I have a muffler too but… during singing I didn’t have it


This muffler, it seems it has a white to brown gradation Emoji
More over it was FuwaFuwa fluffy Emoji
It was very cute Emoji




Today there was recording for au headline 「Idol mo Iccho」 EmojiEmoji




I talked with Nakajima-san and Yajima-announcer-san, the 3 of usEmoji
The distribution day is 12/3(Thr) 24:00 for the first part
12/6(Mon)24:00~ for the second part.




From tomorrow it’s the exhibit for 「Asobu。Kurasu。Sodateru。 SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he Ikou 2015 With Yuuki no Tsubasa Aki Fes」


Morning Musume。’15 participation is tomorrow and, I want to enjoy it to the best I canEmoji
It’s a free viewing venue too so, if you have the time place come by Emoji


With the tree goods I’m doing with Ogata-chan and Kaga-chan too






I gotta do my best at the corner~Emoji


Ah, Momochi Curryーーー!EmojiEmojiEmoji





Morning Musume。’15
60th Triple A-side Single 「Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi/ENDLESS SKY/One and Only」
Releasing 2015/12/29Emoji


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