『Have a good time♡♪*゚』 Makino Maria

2016-02-27 22:57:10


Everyone how are you?




Today was,
『AnimeMatsuri』 2nd Day


Today we got to do the sign event and the live!
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


You talked in Japanese for me. It made Maria very happyEmoji
things like thatEmoji
Really thank you so much!



For the live, it was really very fun
I felt like I just always want to be on stage!
「Oi!Oi!」 cheers and like,
「Ankoーru! Ankoーru!」
saying it lots of times for us, thank you so much for it!



Before starting the show, from the stage wings my heart was totally BakuBaku racing, I was constantly saying 「I’m having fun! I’m having fun!」!


Really it was funEmoji
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji





Tomorrow is the 『AnimeMatsuri』 Final Day!
There’s a signing meet!


Today, Mitsui Aika-san
taught us the English,
『Have a good time』!







Such fantastic woredsハート
Being filled with things I can say in English,
I want to convey lots of thank yous!!


I’m looking forward to tomorrow too音符




Tomorrow will also have happy things and fun things, it should be full of them right?Emoji



音譜Makino Maria音譜



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