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2016-02-29 15:39:35







Morning Musume。’16 appeared as main guests for Anime Matsuri so, I got to come with everyone to Houston♡




Being with everyone for a long time like this, it was funnn♪
It was my first long trip with Oda-chan and the 12ki!
We all talked together a lot!! lol Being a bother lol for sure it’s okayー!lol












Nonaka-chan smelling a nostalgic scent and getting excited.♡
She was enjoying America for the first time in a while♪




I got to see all the overseas fans for the first time in a while, it was a delight♪
I’ll do my best so that all the fans cheering overseas and the Hello! members can be connected.



[tl note: From this point on Aika writes in English, I will not italicize it for ease of reading.]


Thank you as always.
I’m so happy…♡



I came to Houston with Morning Musume。’16 who was invited to Anime Matsuri as the main guest.




I enjoyed staying with them so long and also it is my first time to travel with Sakura Oda and the 12th members. So I talked with them a lot. I was wondering if I made them annoyed;( I hope I didn’t. lol


I met the overseas fans after a long time! I was very happy! I really want to connect you with Hello! Project members. I’ll do my best!







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