2016-03-04 21:36:03



Practice finished early so…


at Galand-san✩


I got my hair color & nails done✩



For hair, for the play Akatsuki no Yona, I have a wig on but, being close to my real hair and the red hair, I got it done pinkkkラブラブ


For Maki-san’s hair color, it’s really pretty,
even if the color comes off it’s even more pretty so
you can enjoy it twice…♡ラブドキドキ




For some reason a takoyaki? pose



Here’s a normal one







for nails









Matching nails with Mana-san✩






My last nails were on for about a month but


Realllly, they didn’t come off at all,
I have them!!


Everyone, thank you so much always m(_ _)m







With Mana-san
she tests wherever is the brightest place to take a picture


This pictuer is taking that! (lol)




My face (lol)




Really Galand-san has
a warm atmosphere
I always have a fun time
from there音譜



Thank you so muchドキドキ





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