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2016-04-11 22:23:00
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today 4/11 is Mano Erina-san’s birthdayEmoji
Mano-chan Happy BirthdayEmoji


Unbelievably I got to see her today somehow~Emoji
I got to go to the theater to see the musical 『Grand Hotel』Emoji


Mano-chan acting as Flaemmchen
Her intensity and flexibility
dancing and singing she was very pretty, and cuteEmoji


I felt like I want to go see it againEmojiEmoji


Today this musical we saw
In me there were so many first experiences, I don’t know how I could express it but


For the stories of these various lives of people staying at the Grand Hotel it’s packed GyuGyu into these 2 hours


These various lives in fantastic singing voices, with sweetness, movement, and aura, the passion and extravagance in performance… at any rate I was moved countless timesEmoji


After the performance we got to see Mano-chanEmoji
We got to talkEmoji


Another delightEmojiEmoji


Mano-chan thank you so much for todayEmoji
My admiration and respect don’t stopEmojiEmoji


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