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2016-06-01 22:58:35
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Morning Musume。’16 Shinseiki Audition」


This time they’ve reached the point of no one qualifying


To everyone who participated in the 13ki auditions, we give our gratitude from the bottom of our heartsEmoji


I feel pride that there are lots of people who want to become part of Morning Musume。Emoji


Everyone who applied, thank you so muchEmoji


Though the results this time are that no one qualified, re-applying is allowed!


 Full 10~17 year old girls, who love singing and dancing
who want to make use of their own talents and skills
and more than anything, girls who love Morning Musume。 and Hello!Project, we are mass recruitingEmoji


Of course those of you who applied recently it’s OK too‼︎


 For details please check the re-application site


When the opening period is decided I’ll announce it
We await for lots of applications!




…The spring tour is totally over, from today it’s the 11 of us
We have to go and switch how it feels!


Making a start with the 11 of us
    【Zoku・11 Nin Iru!-Higashi no Chihei・Nishi no Towa-】
play practice is in full focus


Today we had a run-through


There’s still plans, acting, and other points I’m not sure about but from tomorrow I think I’ll be able to firm those up


As declard yesterday
I feel like I want us to head out being KiraKira SparklingEmoji and GiraGira DazzlingEmojiEmoji




At yesterday’s concert HKT48’s Sashihara Rino-san, Motomura Aoi-san had come♪


WHenever I meet with Sashihara-san she says nice things to me and, yesterday she talked with me about lots of her impressionsEmoji


And I also got to meet with 「Utakata Saturday Night! lyricist and composer Tsuno Maisa-san 」 for the first time since the new song came outEmoji
At last I got to say my thanks directlyEmoji
Really thank you so much for the fantastic songEmoji
All the lots of other officials
and all the lots of media people
during the show got fired up too!


Morning Musume。’16
will have to do our best during our 2nd half too!





Hello!Ste #171


This time’s MCs
Juice=Juice’s  Takagi SayukiEmoji
Kobushi Factory’s Taguchi NatsumiEmoji



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