2016-06-19 10:55:52











The other day I went to Disneyland for the first time in a while (*^^*)♡♡
With Tanabata season I wrote wrote on the paper strip♡





Please look♪
It was really uncrowdedー♪♪




This here, it’s 1 shot I kinda like. lol












I rode on lots♪
Big Thunder 3 times, Space Mountain 2 times, and all the other ones I rode 1 time♪
The Stitch Encounter was also funny
and cute it was comforting~♪♪♪




My wishes were perfectly granted☆
Of course it’s great huh~♡ I love Disney (*^^*)♡♡♡






We should’ve entered the rainy season but even then, it didn’t rain at all, it seems this year there won’t be much rain huh (。・_・。)♪
It’s JimeJime damp and humid though(>ε<)ノ






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