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2016-06-18 22:57:40
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today’s raging billows 3 performances!


In each performance the moment of applause and the size differs
Of course, those of you who came to see it, each of you have different “feeling” so


Even acting these 3 performance they feel like 3 completely different performances



Today, Shimizu Saki-san and Sudou Maasa-san were at WEST、EAST, 2 performances tooEmojiEmoji


Producer Yoshida Takeshi-san came to see the EAST performance♪


Takeshi-san is someone the 9ki members are indebted to from their first play time
Well… we got really very happy wordsEmojiEmoji



Duー’s younger brother also came and… he said the king was greatーEmojiEmoji
WaーiEmojiDo’s little bro-chan praised me~♪


With 12ki member Nonaka Miki-chan♪


Nonaka-chan’s voice… it’s like ChuppaChups you know~ we talked about itEmojiEmoji


Nonaka expressing painful parts, cute parts, had various charm coming out so I end up wanting to see it all the timeEmoji



Everyone who attended
Thank you so very much (*´Д`*)ノ))


Tomorrow we’ll be waiting for you at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater tooEmoji





☆Morning Musume。’16 Shinseiki Audition Details☆




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