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September 15, 2016
Theme: HAPPY



Yesterday Abe-san and Basshiー as a surprise
had this girl I love so much!






[tl note: there is a video here, please go to her blog to see it]


I got to see her (>_<)



Seriously it’s the best present!
I got a birthday message
I soー want to see you!
she had said that so
it made me really happy
I can’t really express it but
I really was happy in my heart (>_<)




「What should we do with our free time〜?」
When that was said
「Do you know how to spend time?」
I was told that
What did you say?
I thought about it but
Well whos’ that clinging to that Bikkuro camera?
Going like that
that was Aika!


Already that’s the best!




Abe-san, thank you for the best present (>_<)


And more than anything, making the time
so we could meet Aika (>_<) Thank you♡




I really really like you very much!




Or rather, I love you♡


With the best of kouhai are true friends о(ж>▽<)y ☆









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