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Michishige Sayumi Restarting Activity Announcement

Thank you so much for always giving your support.
On 11/26 the announcement was made on the her blog but,
it has been decided that Michishige Sayumi, in the spring of 2017 will be restarting her activities.

Having been in Morning Musume。 for about 12 years, she has been moving quickly with barely any rest.
Since graduating in November of 2014, she has devoted herself to overhauling and refreshing herself but,
Reviewing herself up to now, and thinking about herself going forward,
Coming into this year, she had taken to the intention of standing in front of everyone once again.
After that, she and the staff, discussed what she should be doing form here,
and in what way she should present herself in front of everyone.
And, different from lives and musicals,
It was decided that she will go forwarding aiming to express herself on stage in new feeling performances
In order for her change towards embodying that, in addition to uping her core physical strength,
she’s once again taking up training like vocal and dance lessons as well.
To live up to the expectations of everyone who waited a long time for her, she feels she wants to make even more effort.

As soon details like a tangible schedule have been decided there will be an announcement.

From this point forward as well, please give Michishige Sayumi your support.

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