Wedding Ring

2017-01-04 20:37:02




We got engagement rings when he proposed but,


we as a married couple still haven’t bought our wedding rings.



Due to circumstances with work, we had the reception earlier,


but we still haven’t held the ceremony.



And so for the ceremony,
we’ll do it with the honeymoon, let’s go overseas and do the ceremonyー
we thought about it like that so, we carefully decided to get our wedding rings!



that said…


Out grand friend


Hyogi is currently working at Ginza’s


💗Ginza Diamond Shiraishi ❤️


add we dropped in there…♡




We picked out♡ our wedding ringsss❤️☺️💗








Hyogi serviced us, politely explained various things,


we were able to find the ring we liked bestカナヘイハート




It’ll be ready in 1 month カナヘイきらきらカナヘイきらきらカナヘイきらきら大泣きうさぎカナヘイハートカナヘイハート





I’m looking forward to itつながるうさぎ



Hyogi ya〜


jeongmal jeongmal (Really really)


kamsahamnida!!!!!(Thank you)


The best of chingu♡ (Friends)






From here food!!


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