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2017-01-11 22:51:29
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Before work I hung out with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan!



We laughed a lot〜〜






Our yearly custom, visiting the Meiji shrine.


We visit the Meiji shrine with the Kiyomasa well for sure, and look forward to taking pictures.


The Kiyomasa well, this is my 7th year or so looking forward to it (^◇^)



Whenever I got there’s an old man bird, and little birds that play with us.










You were cute, little birds (*´◒`*)♡




Drawing our omikuji fortune slips a miracle happened.



For the Meiji shrine omikuji, they don’t have things like “great fortune” written on them, they have numbers and words,










Unbelievably the 2 of us had the same fortune!



A miracle〜〜





We bought Garrett Popcorn and saw a movie at a place that it was okay to bring your own, it was a fantastic movie.




I want to make our next planned meeting happen soon ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡





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