Kudou Haruka-chan

2017-04-29 21:09:13


Morning Musume。’17 Kudou Haruka-chan’s graduation announcement.





For me, I heard it directly from the person herself on the phone but,
I was very surprised.





Kudou graduating, well, I couldn’t believe it, or rather… of course it feels lonely…





from Kudou’s voice on the phone,
I got her feelings about her purpose for graduating, firm and solid.






For me, it was really unexpected but,


Just recently, I had seen clips of the Hello!Pro Concert right after Kudou and the 10ki members joined Morning Musume。!




Seeing that
『10ki wewe innocent and cute huhハートハート They’ve really grown huhハートハート
I just felt that so, the talk of Kudou’s graduation was somehow extra deeply moving.




That small, cute, but with that part of her that seems tough too, Kudou
steadily grew, and this year, I’ll graduate splendidly to go towards the road to what I want to do myself!




I think having something you want to do is a wonderful thing,
From here I look forward to seeing an even more sparkling Kudou!





Kudou, until the very end of her remaining Morning Musume。 life, enjoy it kay!!❤️




I’m cheering for you!!!!




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