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2017-04-29 21:26:48






Today it was announced.


My gen mate Kudou Haruka, with the final day of this year’s fall tour


will be graduating from Hello!Project and Morning Musume。.





…I feel really, really, surprised.
From the day I heard it too, the feeling I couldn’t believe it, the feeling of loneliness… the feeling of accepting it, the feeling I want to cheer her on, all kinds of feelings in my head, it’s become a jumble.



After graduating, she told us she wants to do her best as an actress.



I know Kuduー likes plays,


And Kuduー fan’s might end up being angry at me but…



For me, if you want to do your best on the road as an actress, the best time right now is in your teens, it’s the time to just catch your dreams … I arbitrarily felt that.


But that, it’s something I couldn’t say, it’d be irresponsible, I kept completely silent about it.


And so this time, listening to Kuduー’s feelings, I also felt relief in my heart.



To those of you who like Morning Musume。’s Kudou Haruka-chan, I’m saying really inappropriate things huh, I’m sorry.




For Kuduー, already really, she’s family.
Family, I feel you want to support them from the bottom of your heart.






The 10ki 4 members together, there’s half a year left to make the 10ki surpreme legend.



With Kuduー… with the 10ki, the things I want to do with all the members, the places I want to go, the songs I want to sing, I’m filled with them!!


When my senpai graduated and, a gen-mate graduation, this kind of feeling is different, I knew that.




I feel like it’s hard to think about what it’ll be like after Kuduー graduates but, now my honest feeling is, I want to make the most of each and every day, I want to enjoy it!


More than anything Because we joined with the 「Mark of Cheerfulness Audition」, I want to spend it feel with smiles, cheerfully!



if I can do that… I want to show it at Kuduー’s home area, at hte big venue in Saitama.





So we can do that, I’ll do my best to bring us together more than anything.














Really truly
I love them.






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