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2017-05-02 23:00:57
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It’s become May huhEmoji


With that!


The SekaPakaSePaSePa KouryuusenEmojiEmoji
It starts up on the 30th of this monthEmoji


Well〜 Who will it be for the season opening ceremony〜Emoji



Today teh temperature was lower but
the sunlight was so strong〜あせる



Such a GW, on the way Mizuki home…


That’s an anteater isn’t it…?
It’s like 1 meter in size!
An anteater?
It’s a family’s borzoi from somewhere isn’t it…?
Oh no, it’s cause the borzoi climbed over the family’s wallあせる


What’s a borzoi? It seems strong あせる


If I were to try to take a picture it seems like it’d run away….


What should I do??
When Mizuki came back it didn’t appear though


At the present, it seems it was a civet?!Emoji


This is all unconfirmed informationーEmoji




Tomorrow is Masaki-chan’s home area HokkaidoEmoji
It’s GW so, already a concert day has come〜Emoji
excitingly we’ll be waiting at Holiday HallEmoji



Morning Musume。’17 GW schedule is
3rd → Concert (Hokkaido)
4th → Various Meets (Shibuya)
5th → Various Meets (Shibuya)
6th → 63rd Sg Release Commemoration Event (Differ Ariake)
7th → 63rd Sg Release Commemoration Event (Zeep Osaka)
8th → Masaki-chan Birthday Event
That’s it♪


Those of you coming to any of those places〜
Those of you heading to those places〜


Let’s have a fun GWー kayEmojiEmoji




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