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2017-05-07 22:55:42


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn Emoji


Today, 5/7 is
10ki Satou Masaki-chan’s birthdayEmoji


Masaki-chan is 18 huh〜EmojiEmoji


Satou-san doing as she pleases for years
after this I wonder how she’ll end upEmojiEmoji


But at lives contrary to that fun looking cute part of her
she’s doing these shocking mature expressions, it’s amazingEmoji


You might call it, influence varation?
It happens so much it’s surprising!Emoji



What I mean by that, it’s that she shows different appearances, and she’s purely enjoying the various styles
she can show things she can’t normally do so
that Masaki-chan’s freedom is something I envy too, I feel like she is wonderful in her own inherent waysEmojiEmoji


From here on I wonder what kind of adult Masaki-chan will be


We couldn’t spend GW together so
at today’s release commemorative event in Osaka, I took clips for Masaki-chan〜EmojiEmoji
Sending it to Masaki-chan right after the show finished
she was reaーーーlly overjoyedEmojiEmojiEmoji


EmojiMasaki-chan congratula〜tionsクラッカー


Everyone at the venue who cooperated
thank you so much EmojiEmoji



For release events, you get to see rougher parts than you do at concerts don’t you⁉︎ That’s how it feelsEmoji


It was a short time but it was really fun
I once again remember my feelings towards the singleEmoji


For the 13ki, their first singleEmoji


A new us!
And the current tour’s OP


「Jealousy Jealousy」
「Morning Misoshiru」


With the 3 songs, you get to see the stylish, cool, and cute, the various sides of us I thinkEmojiEmoji


I hope we get to show you 「Get you!」 some day too♡


The next release event is quite a bit away!
Everyone at the Aichi venue please watch for us too kayEmoji


Having a fantastic time with everyone for GW
it was really really funEmoji
It was the best GWEmoji
After we finished with everyone in a loud voice
we said together
「Job Well Doneーーーー!!!!!!」Emoji


There was really a desire to do itEmojiEmoji



Everyone with GW it’s tiring isn’t it?
The weather was good too and it was hotあせる
For today, rest early, and from tomorrow please do you best with work, school, family things, all that stuff again, kay音譜


For GW too, supporting Morning Musume。’17Emoji
And supporting Hello!ProjectEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji




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