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2017-05-09 23:00:39


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Play practiceEmoji
With my role and my partner’s roles there’s time to think about various things so
During the afternoon break we were talking about it with everyone and stuff tooビックリマーク


Even with that same 「kind」 nuance, the tone of the sad time and the happy times are different
Depending on the person their interpretation is different, that’s whyあせる


But, there’s times when that comes naturally tooEmoji
With everyone talking about it I want to be able to convey it with a unified interpretationEmoji


Today’s practice felt like it was a step up you knowEmoji





Yesterday’s question〜Emoji
Mizuki’s writing 「そ」 is it 1 stroke? Or does she write it in 2 strokesEmoji


Thank you so much for your answersEmoji


The answer is……


2 strokesEmoji


I surely learned 1 stroke so, when I was smalle it was 1 stroke
but before I knew it I started writing it in 2 strokes
The way adult people write 「そ」 is coolEmoji I thought that so that was the cue that lead to me doing 2 strokesーEmojiEmoji


I feel like I can write it with good balance!!


There are those of you who checked based on the writing on raw pictures tooEmoji


Mizuki thinks about the writing for the daily raw pictures so you looking at them again made me superー happy!Emoji


Looking at it aーlot over and over, a lot of things get fixated on♡
There are times when I don’t think of anything when I right too thoughEmojiEmoji




Fukumura’s 「ふ」 is 3 strokes
I’m a person who also writes Sakura’s 「さ」 with 3 strokes!


Oda Sakura-chan’s 「さ」 is 2 strokes you know〜!
I like seeing thisー kind ifー differences tooEmoji





EmojiAnnouncements for everyoneEmoji
 Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring 〜THE INSPIRATION !〜 Finale


6/23 (Fri)  Nippon Budokan performance’s
blog priority application have started!!!


The application period is〜 5/18 (Tues) 23:59



Nippon Budokan was the debut place for the 2 13ki membersEmoji


With their first tour since joining Morning Musume。
a performance at BudokanEmojiEmoji


Everyone please give them your supportEmojiEmoji




There’s final exclusive goods and raw pictures and stuff too-yon♪♪♪
Please look forward to it kayEmojiEmoji


June’s Budokan performance, please be TanoshiMizuki kayーヽ(´▽`)/Emoji



Today I got to come ome early so
now I’m reading〜Emoji





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