Kerotai-kun’s Direction

2017-05-10 18:40:24


The answer to the previous blog爆笑



(At what timing did I eat the rare Kurotani-kun Karl?)





The answer is













The very last!!!!!


















I thought I should eat it then but,




well, compared to the usual Karl,




the Kerotai-kun Karl, for me the color seemed light




Did the flavor soak into it?, or perhaps the Kerotai-kun karl are just different!?




I ended up thinking things like that




For the end, I wanted to tie it into the same taste as always!!




and my fixation got in the way




so midway through I ate itもぐもぐ





(Sorry, Kerotai-kun!
Kerotai-kun, ByeBye!
I’m glad we met!)






But, of course, there’s chance but,
the Kerotai-kun Karl, I feel like it’s taste was a little lighter than the usual Karlニヤリ





Pulling a rare Kerotai-kun,
even more getting to eat 2 types well
I’m really a lucky girl aren’t I!?ラブ





The difference in tasete was my imagination though… (lol)





Well whatever てへぺろ
Kerotai-kun Karl, and usual Karl, aーllイエローハート were very yummyピンクハート




Greatly satisfyingチーズもぐもぐラブラブ







Everyone, did you get the correct answerー!?100点



In the coments, lots of you answered, thank you yahラブラブラブラブ



There were thoes of you who gave a straight answer too
and there were twisty answers and stuff too
it was funny爆笑ルンルン




Everyone went along with my trivial quiz, happinessお願い







For a picture…



Associated with Kerotai-kun??










Of course for that, rabbits are greatーーーうさぎ lol lol






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