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2017-05-10 12:06:07


I hadn’t gotten to write peacefully, it’s gotten late but



The SaGa Stage


this time



Romancing SaGa


as Sara, the days living as her


really were a joy



Thirty Deluxe’s play is
this time
it was their third but


every time it’s really DokiDokiWakuWaku heart-pounding exciting
it’s like riding an attraction



This time


It was a collabo with RomaSaGa too,
it became an event more wonderful and showy stage and





The girl of fate, Sara


acting as her



The days loving Sara, loving her close friends,
I performed it.


She’s very direct, and pure


but, at her core, Sara is very strong


In acting as Sara this time
is what I heard


But, looking at the script she was very cute
I made a role
as a character who laughs.



People, holding anything,
I wonder if it’s that feeling like you need to smile as hard as you can


I felt like that




And so, laughing to the end,
That is it really a smiling face or, is that not it?…



But, there were many times where she had a real smile
I felt that





Living Sara’s life


I’m grateful to have lived through those days



This adventure I was chosen for
by Shimizu-san



Thank you so much






the comrades with me on this adventure



This time, the older members were especially serious
it felt like theater lovers were gathered.


all the ensemble


Already, they were very very fantastic,
always eagerly facing plays
I’ve come to love them even more


I’m grateful to have gotten to have this adventure together with these comrades too





more than anything,



getting to participate in this adventure




had lots!!



And loooots!!



of guests!!!!!




I have nothing but gratitude.




I got lots of warm feelings.




I hope to be able to meet you on an adventuer somewhere once again




I’ll continue the days of my devotion





Thank you so much!






Niigaki Risa












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