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2017-05-12 22:26:17
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Today, before Yantan and play practice,


I did audio commentary for the Atami trip DVD I went with Wada Ayaka-chan!








Us today (*´꒳`*)



Before I knew it, the DVD application startedddd ( ; ; )
I’m sorry the announcement ended up late!



From here♡



You can see DVD details and apply for it!
The deadline is 5/29… in just 3 weeks〜( ; ; )!!



Today for the first time I saw the contents of the DVD and, we got to see the usual off-time us (*´꒳`*)


An appearance you don’t see on DVD all the time! It’s super my-pace!! lol


The audio commentary included, you can watch it 1 time, then the second time you can see it with the second sound channel so, you can enjoy it twice yah \(//∇//)\


This opportunity, by all means please try to get it kay♡





At today’s play practice, it’s songs with the choreography and… for me acting as Nerura this time, there’s parts worth seeing☆
This play, I want you to come see it〜!










Yesterday, with Kaga Kaede-chan, the 2 of us


on-location for J-MELO, went to visit the Meiji University Nakano campus(*´∇`*)


Nakano! My beloved Nakano!









We talked a lot with all of the International Japanese Studies Department!


For me, it’s my 3rd time having the honor of being invited to this corner


Just the other day, I got to visit Musashi University too〜!



I wanted to go into a univeristy so, like this getting to go to a university even for work makes me very happy (*´◒`*)


This on-location makes me nervous though you know! lol



At Meiji University Nakano campus, it seems they have manga lectures too…! I very much want to take that!!




For scenes from this on-location


International Broadcast (NHK WORLD) 6/19(Mon)
National Broadcast (BS Premium) 6/24(Sat)


that’s when they’re scheduled to be broadcast ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡








Well! Tomorrow is the Osaka performance!
Fukumura Mizuki-san, Oda Sakura-chan, due to influenza, they’ll be absent from the Osaka performance and the Okayama performances.


We’ll devote all we can to all of them, and with the 11 of us we’ll get excited!


Please continue to support uss!






For my clothes today, the top is merry jenny, the bottom is Lily Brown, brands I like〜♡
Look at it KAY(*´◒`*)



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji



Iikubo Haruna’s First Photobook 「Haruiro」
e-LineUP! Mall inside Odyssey publication’s official shop
Concert venues,
at each Official Shop
It’s on sale with rave reviews♡










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