Yay Yay〜

2017-05-18 13:01:26











Yesterday, it was the Osaka performances たこ焼 Opening Dayハート



A〜it was fun yah〜爆笑



Performances for the first time in about a month!!
Before the show, my feelings were all along BataBata clamouring 😈 I’m nervousー! That’s how I felt but,
standing on stage it was nothing but fun ya know音符





Everyone who came
everyone supporting me


Truly, thank you so much乙女のトキメキ









And and,
A happy announcementラブ








The July performance have additional late show performances scheduled〜〜キラキラキラキラキラキラ




Yay! Yay〜!




The chances to get to see everyone have increasedお願いお願いお願い




I loーve Sayuminglandoll so, getting to do lots of it makes me happyハートハート






Fanclub priority applications,
they’re starting today at 13:00〜リボン













Please continue to support meぽってり苺キラキラ




I’ll do my best with today’s Osaka performances tooラブラブラブ






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