Going Out Sayumin

2017-05-18 15:43:17



I went to the Hello!Project Official Shop Osaka Store〜爆笑




This very elaborate cute welcome boardふんわりリボン
It made me happyラブラブ
Thank you so much!!







Inside the shop, of cour there’s Hello!Pro Member goodsラブ
and lot sof my goods tooうさぎ




Taking lots of pictures with my own goods〜うさぎクッキー







Shaking hands with Uemura Akari-chan〜ねこクッキー
Good Afternoon…ピンクハート






As a souvenir I got ⭐PoteHaro!⭐️ピンク音符
For the random raw picture, I got Hagiwara Mai-chanラブ




Everyone from Hello!Shop Osaka Store,
Thank you so much!!キラキラ





And after that,
taking along a Sayumin figure stand,
I went to lunch in Osaka音符音符音符





with meatハートステーキ








it was yummyーーーハートハートハート







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