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2017-06-07 22:59:41
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Announcements for everyoneEmoji
At this time Hello!Moba Original Show
「Yajima no Heya」 has been handed over to meEmoji


From the next one
It gets to be distributed as 「Fukumura no Heya」Emoji


Information from everyone and corners, I’m looking forward to it so please support me Emoji




And another announcementEmoji


Fukumura Mizuki’s 4th photobook 「二十歳」 [tl: Hatachi = 20 years old]
It’s scheduled to be relased 7/15EmojiEmoji


Immediately, tonight from 0:00 the pre-orders from Wanibooks-san’s HP will be openedEmoji


☆Pre-order it from here☆



Up to now, the four seasons specials I got to do for 「UTB+」-san, that we shot will be in 1 book!


Spring桜 Summer浮き輪 Fall紅葉 Winter雪だるま
With these shoots I got to enjoy Niigata’s four seasonsEMO/1822.gif,”Emoji”>


Everyone please do give me your supportEmoji




For today it was the Sun Temple versionEmoji


Lots of Hello!Pro members came to see it too♪
Everyone thank you so muchEmoji






















「Fukumura no Heya」
New corner plans, questions to the performers, opinions, requests, etc.… we’re mass accepting mail!


The mail subject should have the show name, the body should clearly address your radioname at the top, please send it to the following address below.
I’ll be waiting for lots of mail!


Deadline: 6/8(Thr)20:00
From: Radio Membership Registered Address


Hello!Project Mobile





(Ameblo Original URL)

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