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2017-06-08 23:00:37
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



→Hello!Moba Membership Registered 「FUKUMURA no Heya」 information, have you registered for Hello!Moba membership?


→Fukumura Mizuki 4th Photobook 「Hatachi」 no Pre-order?!



→Did you get to do Eripon’s Birthday Event Applications?
[tl note: She linked this improperly]


The current 3 big applicationsEmojiEmojiEmoji




I got today’s UTB+-san serial published magazine,


They were in Mizuki’s pages befoer but,
Oda Sakura-chan, Makino Maria-chan, 13ki Kaga Kaede-chan, Yokoyama Reina-chan,
It’s the same as before really looking at it with Fukumura!Emoji


This magazine, by all means I want you get it and check it out!!EmojiEmoji




Today the stylist and staff who we are always indebted toEmoji


And Sudou Maasa-sanEmoji


Kobushi Factory’s Hirose Ayaka-chan, and Nomura Minami came to see us too♪


Sudou-san said she was really glad
With Nilekia we got words of praise at the same time, and did a triumphant pose with NileEmoji
We did it huh, NileEmojiEmoji



Hello!Pro trainees, and all the Theater Girl TroupeEmoji
Today I talked with Ichioka Reina-chanEmoji
There are new things we saw eye to eye on too目キラキラ


Kawamura Ayano-chan is from Kouichi prefecture so we talk about AnpanmanEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Some day we should go! The Anpanman museum!!!



6 performances left…
Everyday with practice I think about Ankensen all the time but
already there’s 6 performances left, so fast…


Tomorrow ‘too we’ll be waiting for you at Ikebukuro Sunshine TheaterEmoji






(Makino)Nippon-Hams 【3-5】 Hiroshima(Kaga)


(Ishida)Rakuten 【8-2】 DeNA(Oda)


(Kudou)Seibu 【13-2】 Kyojin(Haga)


(Satou)lotte 【9-5】 Chuunichi(Nonaka)


(Yokoyama)Orix 【2-3】 Hanshin(Ogata)


(Ikuta)Softbank 【15-0】 Yakult(Iikubo)





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