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2017-06-11 23:00:09


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It started 6/2Emoji
Theater Girl Troupe 「Pharaoh no Haka」


Today it safely reached the finaleEmoji


Now that it’s finished, from tomorrow I won’t be able to perform as Ankensen, thinking that…


Ankensee〜〜n 。・゜(ノД`)・゜・。





For today I’ll go like this! Every day I was thinking about it


Getting to encounter this production, I’m grateful for itEmojiEmoji


there’s lots of worries I thoguht of with the difference from the original work but, I feel like in the end we got to do our Pharaoh no HakaEmojiEmoji


Reading Takemiya Keiko-san’s original work countless times
I thought about each of the roles so
it was one way my feels and love for them roseEmoji


I strongly felt, 「With everyone we’re making a play」Emoji


Sword fighting and the give and take with words
it’s something we couldn’t do without having faith in each other.


The Theater Girl Troupe, all the Hello!Pro Trainees
Every day the sight of them giving it their all was promising
I always paid attention to everyone singing their solo parts!


They’re good with facial expressions, they’re giving it their all, it’s like that yah! I watched while thinking like thatEmojiEmoji



Continuing from last year we got to appear together again
EmojiShiotsuki Shuu-sanEmoji
EmojiOugi Kei-sanEmoji


From tomorrow we weon’t get to see each other again, that’s really lonely feeling…


These 2 greatly helped us out tooEmoji


Getting to be together this year continuing on from last year made me really happyEmoji
For regularly always watching us, thank you so muchEmoji


As both Menepu Shinka and Shuu-san, I got to talk loーーts this time, that made me happyEmojiI love herEmoji


When Kei-san sang at practice, you could hear her voice echo across the hall, the members staff all gathered and applaudedEmoji



Eripon arbitrarily imagined it but
she said Marita might like Kesu-samaEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji




For Kudou Haruka-chan, this is her last performance for Theater Girl Troupe as Morning Musume。
Duー a Job Well Done on your two rolesEmojiEmoji


For the 2 13ki it was their first play since joining Morning Musume。
when Yokoyan said that more than anything she was glad this was her first play, it made me happyEmoji




After the performance finished, it was just the members who could so we went to eatEmoji


All of us weren’t there but, lately there hasn’t been time for all of us to go eat so it felt like, at last we couldEmojiEmoji


Summing it up, forest drinking water = drinking water




saying that, I treated us to itEmoji


A play don about Ancient Egypt 「Pharaoh no Haka」
This time it was a story about a desert wasn’t it?!
During the play time intense rain didn’t fall!
Even though every year it falls〜 it’s a miracleEmojiEmoji


This year too lots of you enjoyed it
really thank you so much


By all means please tell me your opinionEmojiEmoji



Well tomorrow it’s finally here…
℃-ute-san’s last live
it’s Saitama Super Arena


I’m going to properly burn it into my vision







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