℃-ute-san☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-06-13 00:01:14


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「℃-ute Last Concert in Saitama Super Arena〜Thank you team℃-ute〜 」


I got to participate as an opening act and
for 「To Tomorrow」 as a back up dancer


The last concert for precious precious ℃-ute


℃-ute-san brought the current Hello!Pro members to this stage
thank you so much



Sad things, hard things
fun things, happy things


In all 15 years, °C-ute-san had their feelings together and did their best together
and so that way also felt strong and fantastic


From tomorrow, I won’t be able to see that ℃-ute-san, it’s honestly loneli


But, everyone after being on stage, were really fantasticEmoji



After the end of the performance, we got to greet them and at the time Yajima-san said,
「If you don’t give up on your dreams some day they’ll come true」



For Mizuki, as a Hello!Pro Egg when I first got to perform
I got to wear ℃-ute-san’s 「ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL」 outfit♪


At that time, dancing big like ℃-ute-san, I want to be a cool, and cute Idol! That’s how I felt


The song Mizuki sang her first time on stage was 「JUMP」
I can’t forget my joy at the time


It’s totally, this is the first thing that stands out!
“That choreography was the hardest!” I was enthusiastic about it, and so the first praise I got from the dance instructor was for 「Wakkyanai(Z)」
This is a song that Mizuki remembers too



Todya’s concert
the °C-ute-san from when I was a child
cute °C-ute-san
cool °C-ute-san
pretty °C-ute-san


The fun MCs tooEmoji


Each and every second was a fun fantastic timeEmoji


℃-ute-san for your 12 years really a Job Well DoneEmojiEmoji
Thank you so muchEmojiEmojiEmoji





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