Honky Tonk Fin

2017-06-16 11:36:27



All of Honky Tonk has completed without problems!




I’m relieved.




This time, it’s the 2nd production I’ve made with Mizuki-san and,



In practice, there’s lots of motivation
My Honky Tonk Grand Senpai,


With my senpai who I really respect
getting to do a play
they were days of learning.



And, since Soshuu Yakyoku
the many years past



Once again, getting a fantastic role…



My precious treasures have once again increased (*^^*)



Honky Tink has closed up shop but,
everyone’s hearts always remain somewhere


it becoming that kind of production, it made me happy you know(*^^*)





To the lots of you came along, thank you so much absolutely!!!











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