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2017-06-17 21:28:01
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Today’s Iikubo (Yakults) VS Maria (Fighters) also…



was a Yakults winー!!!


Amazing amazing! Lately we’re constantly winning (*´◒`*)!


The first half was sad so, the joy now like this makes me happy!









Seeing the results, the moment I knew we won, my heart when kyun skipping a beat♡


Myself having a kyun moment to baseball, up to now I hadn’t imagined it!


It’s thanks to Se・Pa Kouryuusen (*´꒳`*)






For today, it’s a serial event in Aichi prefecture!


After May’s Budokan performance, the play started up right away so, it’s been about a month since I got to stand in front of all the fans as regular me☆


And so I was extra energetic, it was really fun (*´◒`*) Yaーy!!



It was 3 shows and each of them


Team versus contests
Morning Musume。’17 Prize Photo Studio,
Chest Kyun Speech King Contest


We did those.



Each of them was fun too〜♪



Moreover today’s venue, all the fans were close distance, and it was a space that held more people than usual so
I got to see lots of everyone’s faces (*´꒳`*)



And so more than than anything it felt fun I think!




I for the 1st show got to win with the Yokoyama team so, on morning Musume。’17’s Manager-san’s Twitter, they put up a picture with all the teams♡







By all means please try following kay (*´-`)






Speaking of chest kyuns…


With the other day’s broadcast of TVAsahi 「MoMoGirl.」, there were lots of chest kyun’ing scenes huh〜!


The chest kyun’ing tech I thought up, the 『Sandicha』.



On a date at home, you sit between his legs and get closer.


it’s IchaIcha flirting while being a sandwich so Sandicha(*´◒`*)



If I do say so mysef I think I struck a good idea♡


Next time for sure please try using the Sandicha kay (*´꒳`*) huhu


Even for writing stuff up too by all means! lol









There’s a broadcast late night on the 19th too.


Well it’s the last time(´;ω;`)


By all means please watch it kayーー☆






For my clothes today, my forehead is out with a beret♪
Look at it KAYーーー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji









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