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2017-06-17 22:57:08
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was a 63rd Single Release Commemoration Event♪


It’s been a while since we had an event soEmoji
everyone was super high excitementEmojiEmoji


During the event Morning Musume。 all
really everyone was freeEmojiEmoji



1st show was a ○○ showdown〜♪
The members showed their surprising abilitiesEmoji


Maria’s kendama and, Mizuki’s tongue twistersEmoji
Yokoyan’s Duー luck strength tooEmoji
Ayumin’s full power Acchi Muite Hoi was amazing tooEmoji


With the 2nd show’s prize photo studio
Haーchin’s specialty with those self-shots andEmoji
going with 「AyuMizuki’s Koi Dance」Emoji
Ith as that feeling like, “Wasn’t that just a bustour limited editionーEmoji” but…Emoji
It was nostalgicEmoji
and, once again we danced with everyoneEmoji


For the 3rd show it was a KyunKyun Line King ContestEmojiEmoji{7E2289C2-195E-4403-943A-8A85CEF3ABC4}
Sadly I missed overall victory too〜Emoji
The overall victor was KaediーEmoji
It was cuteEmoji


Manager-san thinking about those kind of KyunKyun beat-skipping words, isn’t just unexpectedly amazing?Emoji



It had been a while since we were singing, dancing, generally WachaWacha messing around with everyone so maybe that’s why〜EmojiEmoji


Event mode Morning Musume。’17 was funEmoji



Tomorrow is various meet-ups in OsakaEmoji



Now being comfy in the hotel
I’m on the sofa GoroGoro rolling about now〜Emoji


I need to sleep quickーEmoji






The dressing room had a TV with it so
we were watching the Chuunichi vs Seibu  kouryuusen
Duー was saying Waa〜Kyaー 😖✨


First place is going to be announced soon huhEmoji









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