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2017-06-18 20:33:55


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Today in Osaka was various meet-ups (*´◒`*)


With these various meet-ups, the events for this newest single are all concludedーー!



It’s really been a while since we had various meet-ups in Osaka, it was very fun!


Haikyuー‼︎ talk and fashion talk, K-POP talk, manga・anime talk, and mysteriously love consultation, there were lots of things☆


And cheers for the Nippon Budokan performance finally approaching this weekend too!



Even in that there was a lot of talk about the play in particular too (*´꒳`*)


Nella is loved huh〜〜♡
I love Nella too




Here, I’ll put up a Nella Offshot kay.








The feast that Sariokis didn’t eat.


She worked so hard to make it though〜〜!


For Nella, housework and cooking, she can do anything♪
I want to follow her example in those ways too…(´;ω;`) lol






Today during break, we played around taking pictures (*´꒳`*)












On our tiptoes☆


It was suprisingly simple〜(*´◒`*)



The other thing we did was we took one that was the first Makankousappou in a while too♡



The outfits are colorful so it shines you know!




And then, during the cheki meet-up, as a test using the cheki we took as a test, we played Chinkeisuujaku [tl: Concentration] and Babanuki [tl: Old maid] too!


New ways to play…!



Today the various meet-ups and the dressing room were both fun (*´꒳`*)♡







With today the Nippon Seimei Se・Pa kouryuusen finished huh(´;ω;`)
Softbank Hawks won overall.
So at the end of the end the Yakults lost〜(T_T)
But becoming the Yakult’s cheer ambassador, actually watching a game, I learned about the fascination with baseball!!
After this too I’ll be cheering for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows!(*´꒳`*)
If I have the time I want to go to watch a baseball game in Jingu stadium again☆


To all the players, a Job Well Done!!






For my clothes today, black skinny jeans with a flower patterned blouse♪
By Ikuta-pro took it for me.
Look at it KAYーーー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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