2017-06-19 12:22:02



Recently, I’ve gone to eat my beloved steakお願いラブラブ















And, lots of potato上矢印








Hamburger tooハンバーガー
Here too, potato口笛








I ate it with my friend, the 2 of us split it but,
I really ended up full!!!!



But we ate it all without a problemーキラキラキラキラ






That said,
even dessert, properly came at lastー爆笑
This cheesecake,
It’s really big!!!!!



Can you tellー!?



In picture size it’s huge!!!?ピンクハート





it was the most yummーーーy (⌒▽⌒)





Gochisousama Deshitaコッペパンステーキにんじハンバーガーチーズショートケーキ







For today, I wonder what I’ll eat〜ナイフとフォーク♡♡♡♡





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